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How to Enable PXE on the Vault


The following steps cover how to enable PXE boot on a Vault with AMI BIOS

  • Attach a USB Keyboard and monitor to the Vault, or serial connection via COM port
  • Power on the unit and press Delete until you see the BIOS setup screen

  • Use the arrow keys to select the "Advanced" tab

  • Use the arrow keys to scroll to "CSM Configuration" and press Enter to select it.

  • Use the arrow keys to select "Network" and press Enter to select it.
  • On the resulting menu, use the arrow keys to select "Legacy" and press Enter to confirm

  • Press F4 to Save & Exit. When prompted to save the configuration and exit, select Yes.

At this point you should see PXE capable network interfaces available in the boot menu. However, If you experience any issues, please feel free to reach out to us at support@protectli.com.

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