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How to Update the Vault Pro BIOS


How to Update the Vault Pro BIOS


Note: We highly recommend using our tool 'Flashli' to update your BIOS rather than manually updating. Further information on Flashli can be found here.

This article covers how to update the BIOS on the Vault Pro. The procedure to flash BIOS on the Vault Pro differs from other versions of the Vault.

These instructions are for the following current model(s)

  • VP2410

Prepare a USB Drive

  • Insert an expendable USB drive into your computers USB port
  • Use Rufus or an application of your choice to create a non-bootable USB drive
  • After the formatting process is complete the USB drive should be available as a storage device

Verify the BIOS download

  • Download the latest Vault Pro BIOS that are available here (link)
  • Uncompress the ZIP folder and verify the ".bin" file SHA hash matches the downloaded Vault Pro BIOS in the table linked above
    • Here are some examples of how to get a SHA hash (Windows) (Linux)

Flashing the BIOS

  • Copy the uncompressed files into the root directory of the USB drive
  • Properly eject the USB drive but do not insert it into the Vault Pro yet
  • Power on the Vault Pro and press "DEL" to enter the BIOS menu
  • Once at the BIOS menu, insert the USB device
  • Navigate to the "Save & Exit" tab, then select "Launch EFI Shell from filesystem device"
  • Press "Enter" to launch the EFI Shell, then quickly press "ESC" to stop the timeout and display the command prompt
    • If the system reboots after selecting EFI Shell, press "DEL" to re-enter the BIOS and repeat the above steps.
  • Type "update" and press the "Enter" key to start the flashing sequence
  • This process will take a few minutes. At the end you should be greeted with a message "FPT Operation Successful."
  • Power off the Vault Pro
  • Power on the Vault Pro and verify the system boots correctly

At this point the BIOS should be updated. If there are any questions, feel free to reach out to us at: support@protectli.com 

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