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NIC Port Numbering and Naming


While the Vault's Intel NIC ports are compatible with a wide variety of operating systems (most OS distributions include Intel NIC drivers by default), there can sometimes be confusion about matching external NIC port numbers to internal OS designations for the NIC ports.

External Naming

On the outside, The Vault's network ports are generally labeled one of two way, as can be seen from the below pictures.  The ports are incremented from right to left, and are referred to either by the generic "LANx" numbering, or by their designation in FreeBSD.

protectli vault ports 2

The table below should help to correlate port nomenclature. Please keep in mind that our 2.5 GbE NIC devices (V Series, FW4C, VP2420, and VP46XX) will use igc0, igc1, etc instead of igb0, igb1, etc found in our 1GbE devices.

Vault ModelPort 6Port 5Port 4Port 3Port 2Port 1
VP46XX6 (igc5)5 (igc4)4 (igc3)3 (igc2)2 (igc1)1 (igc0)
VP66XX4 (igc3)3 (igc2)2 (igc1)1 (igc0)SFP+2 (ixl1)SFP+1 (ixl0)
PFSense(Free BSD) Labeling (in software)OPT4OPT3OPT2OPT1LANWAN
OPNsense(Free BSD) Labeling (in software)OPT4OPT3OPT2OPT1WANLAN
Windows 10 (in software)Ethernet 6Ethernet 5Ethernet 4Ethernet 3Ethernet 2Ethernet 1

Internal Naming

Depending on which Operating System the Vault is running, the NIC ports are going to be called different things.  In FreeBSD, which pfSense® CE is based on, port numbers are referred to by their driver designation, or "em".

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@protectli.com. Or you can find more information in our Knowledge Base.

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