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How to Enable LAN Bridge with OPNsense



This article covers how to enable a LAN bridge in OPNsense. LAN bridges act as a switch using the optional ports on the Vault. While not optimal compared to using a separate physical switch, it works if needed.

Note: This will require physical access to the Vault if the port being used to access the web interface is added into the bridge.

How to Create a LAN Bridge in OPNsense

In this example we will be assigning the LAN interface to a bridge containing the Vaults additional ports, OPT1 and OPT2. The idea of this example can be used across all the Vault models with small variation.

  • Access the web interface. The default IP address:, username: root, password: opnsense
  • Verify the Vaults optional interfaces(OPT1, OPT2, etc.) are assigned with default settings. They can be assigned by clicking the '+' then Save
OPNsense interfaces
OPNsense Interface Assignment Menu (FW4A)
  • Under the Interfaces tree open the OPT1 menu
  • Check Enable Interface leave all settings default
  • Click Save then Apply changes a the top
  • Repeat on additional interfaces to be included in the bridge
OPNsense interfaces OPT1
OPNsense Interface Menu
  • Under the Interfaces tree select Other Types, then Bridge
  • Click Add and select OPT1, OPT2, etc then click Save
OPNsense interfaces bridge
OPNsense Bridge Menu
  • Under the Interfaces tree select Assignments
  • Change the LAN interface to bridge0 and click Save

Note: At this point access to the web interface will be lost. Plug into either port OPT1 or OPT2 to regain access.

OPNsense interfaces lan bridge
OPNsense Assignments Menu
  • In the Assignments menu add the port(em1) which was previously assigned to LAN. Click Save
  • Verify OPT3 is now assigned
  • Enable OPT3 with default settings. Save and Apply Changes
  • Navigate back to the Bridge menu and edit bridge0. Add OPT3 and Save
OPNsense interfaces opt1 opt2 opt3
  • Verify the LAN port now has web interface access
  • Navigate to System > Settings > Tunables
  • Locate net.link.bridge.pfil_member and change its setting from Default to 0. Save and Apply Changes
  • Locate(directly below the previous setting) net.link.bridge.pfil_bridge and change the setting from Default to 1. Save and Apply Changes
OPNsense system
System Tunables Menu
  • Reboot
  • Verify bridged ports are functioning

At this point you should now have a functioning LAN bridge in OPNsense. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to reach out: support@protectli.com. You can also find more information in our Knowledge Base. or check the official pages at OPNsense.org

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