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OpenBSD 7.3 Fix For Latency Issues



There is currently a bug with OpenBSD 7.3 (and potentially 7.2) that causes high latency and network spikes. We have seen this affect the FW2B and FW4B, mostly. It is believed to be related to the Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) overutilizing the CPU which causes the latency spikes.


One solution is to plug a monitor into the HDMI port of the Vault. The monitor doesn't need to be displaying any video.

An alternative solution for users using the Vault with OpenBSD as a headless firewall/router is to enter the following command in the OpenBSD console/terminal and reboot the device:

echo ‘disable inteldrm’ >> /etc/bsd.re-config config -e -c /etc/bsd.re-config -f /bsd reboot

This will stop the inteldrm driver from loading at boot.

Special thanks to Chris for opening a support ticket with us and providing a solution to the problem after finding an identical issue on the OpenBSD mailing list.

If you have questions, please reach out to support@protectli.com

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