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BIOS Update for FW6 Series, Intel vulnerabilities




This article is now deprecated due to a more recent version of BIOS.

Please refer to this link for the current version of BIOS.



A BIOS update that addresses the recently published Intel® ME/TXE/SPS Elevation of Privileges vulnerabilities has been generated for the FW6 series.  This update is only for use with the FW6 Series Vault (FW6A, FW6B, and FW6C).  Do NOT attempt to apply this BIOS update to any other Vault products.  More detail can be found at this link.

The instructions to update the BIOS are below. Note that care must be taken so that the system is not powered off during the BIOS update as this could render the system unusable.

  • Create a bootable FreeDOS USB. See this link for more details
  • Copy the compressed FW6-03.zip file from this link to a PC and uncompress it
  • Copy the "FW6-03" directory to the FreeDOS USB drive
  • Insert the USB and boot the system to the boot selection screen in the BIOS by repeatedly hitting F11 during the boot process
  • Select boot from the USB
  • Verify the system boots to a DOS prompt
  • Change directory to the new BIOS with the command "cd fw6-03"
  • At the prompt, type "bios_upd"
  • Verify that the script runs, the process is complete and it returns to the DOS prompt.  It can take a minute or longer to complete the process.
  • Power off the system and remove the BIOS USB
  • Reboot the system to the BIOS Setup screen by repeatedly hitting DEL during the boot process.  Note that the system may take longer to boot the first time after the BIOS update than normal.  It may also reboot more than once.  This is expected.
  • Verify the FW6 boots to the BIOS Setup screen
  • Verify the BIOS ID is "KBU6LA03"
  • Continue the boot process and verify the FW6 boots correctly

For further information, or if there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to Protectli Support.

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